Let’s Make Downtown Jacksonville Great Again

by haikuhouse

 Our city is in trouble, is yours? There is a problem lurking & it’s not the poor homeless individuals. It’s not the crime either….These things are terrible but have been an issue for a long time.

The problem is building & construction!!

Where is the pride of humans doing great things??

Louis Sullivan, America’s greatest architect, understood that men could build amazing, wonderful & brilliant things.

Bridges, ships, buildings…

I’m reading his book ‘The Autobiography Of An Idea’ for the second time.

I was still in school getting my degree in Interior Design when I first read it.

Now that I have been working in The Residential Construction Industry for over a year I am noticing the lack of pride in craftsmanship by The Big Builders.

So, I’m reading this book again & it’s speaking to me with such great volume during this season of my life.

Louis Sullivan idolized his big strong men doing great things as a young, American boy. 

Well Louis, I’m no lousy feminist & I know men are stronger than women, but women are capable of doing great things too. 

It would be great to change the world but we must begin where we are planted & make a difference in our own community…Obviously.

Peace & blessings to all,