“You Can’t Close Your Eyes Anymore.”

by haikuhouse

That’s what “Dirty” Harry Callahan tells a priest in the film The Enforcer[My grandmother in DC for Reagan’s Inaugural Ball, along with one of her passports, Republican Elephant & my grandfathers middle school autograph book]

The scene goes down like this: A female terrorist is disguised as a nun with a gun & she is about to shoot at Inspector Callahan, but Inspector Moore shoots her first. The priest is dumbfounded that this just happened…In the house of God!! So he tells Callahan he will just close his eyes to this, to which the Inspector replies, “You can’t close your eyes anymore.

As I watched this movie for the first time Saturday, a feeling of familiarity washed over me like a wave reaching the shore.

The woman, Inspector Kate Moore, wants to go out into the field & her intentions are very good. I respect that. Unfortunately, Inspector Moore is shot to death at the end.

Recently there has been so much talk about the two women who successfully completed Ranger training. I respect that too.

I guess these women are willing to endure whatever it takes, even death, to defend their country, which is something I truly respect!

At the same time, I completely agree with the other side of this, that women being in the presence of Men At War can be harmful to their own side.

It’s a really tough call, so moving along…

The other familiar aspect of this film that really stood out was the publicity-seeking mayor.

Everyone in America is watching the exciting, unfolding race for the Presidential Election of 2016 & the political crumbling of Hilary Clinton.

Like the title so clearly says:

You can’t close your eyes anymore!

I never thought I would be so inclined to raise my voice & express my views politically.

There’s this real place called The Art World, which I trained myself for but never entered, because the line between good art & bad art is obsolete. I don’t want to be the Art Critic…Yet.

Now, there is this other real place called The Political World…One I know so well from growing up with my grandparents, but always sort of ignored because frankly, I was just so naive, didn’t get it & just really didn’t care.

To fight for what is right & true is in my blood. It’s an incredibly beautiful world but unfortunately there are some bad things taking place, so WE THE PEOPLE have every right to use our voice & peacefully come together to spread a message of freedom, hope, LIBERTY & justice.

Have a beautiful Monday & may God bless America,