There’s No Biz Like Showbiz

by haikuhouse

 Neptune Beach is where I took my first steps in this great, vast world. It was on Bay Street between the modern mid-century doctors office (that I visited many times) & that great, big magnolia tree.

It was two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean with its charming historic houses; it was like the San Marco or Riverside of the beaches.

My grandmother put me in tap, jazz & ballet when I was a little older. I made it through one tap recital at a venue downtown.

I don’t actually remember the recital itself & the routine, but I do vaguely recall the innermost space of that building where only the performers dwell. 

The vibe of downtown from that particular has stuck with me ever since…

So if your not from this city, let me tell you an interesting fact:

In 1910, New York-based filmmakers were once attracted to our exotic climate & Jacksonville was the “Winter Film Capital Of The World.”

Unfortunately, Hollywood ended our city’s film industry but there were over 30 silent film studios here!

Check out this short clip from Broadway Melody Of 1940.

It’s a performance by the Queen of Tap, Eleanor Powell, alongside Fred Astaire. 

Brilliant! Inspiring! What a great act!!

Must bring this sort of sophistication back to Jax. 

Have a beautiful day,