White Heron & The Hawk

by haikuhouse

 Recently, we spotted a giant hawk that had been hit & killed, so we pulled over to move it over by the trees.

It was such a magnificent creature &  just terrible to see it in that state.

I asked J to pull out a few feathers, to add to my collection of various nature specimens. 

So, a few weeks later it was really bizarre when we saw not one, but two white herons that had been hit…One on each side of the road, directly across from each other…On the same road where we found the hawk.

Again, I asked J to pluck a few of the beautiful white plumes…

It’s incredibly heartbreaking to see animals lying lifelessly on the side of the road & you see it way to often. 

The story is sorrowful…but these feathers will be cherished & beautifully preserved forever. 

Peace & blessings,