Denim & Sage Green Silk

by haikuhouse

 I have a great little Labor Day DIY project for you today, just in case you have a massive hole in your denim jeans or jacket.

All you need is a needle, some thread & your choice of fabric. Just make sure your peice of fabric is larger than whatever your covering.

Also, consider using a colored thread!

My jean jacket was bought from Express somewhere between 2003-2004. It’s got the greatest fit & it’s been a favorite piece in my wardrobe through the years. It’s a little big on me now but still a great jacket.

The wear & tear on the elbows got really bad a couple years ago…My entire elbow would stick through the jacket.

I didn’t have any patches to cover it up with, but I had oceans of fabric samples. 

A beautiful, heavy sage green silk is what I narrowed it down to & I love how it looks with the faded blue denim.

I do have a cool patch now, shown in the photo, that I might put somewhere on the back of the jacket. Maybe? 

Have a great day off for this holiday. If your working, like J & I are, hope your day is a really great one!!

Peace & blessings,