Living & Moving In God’s Frequency

by haikuhouse

  Listen, I know not very long ago, Haiku House was all about pressing flowers & making beautiful little pieces of art with nature.

Trust me, it’s still an art I want to pursue; Along with designing textiles & backsplash tile….’Haiku House’ is my brand, not just a blog.

But this is the absolute thrill & beauty of being a FEMALE human being, completely in love with her Lord. Everyday is full of new & surprising experiences between the Creator & his beloved creation.

It’s like an ethereal glimpse into what that perfect relationship within The Garden Of Eden must have looked like.

So I put my trust in Him, that I will pursue these passions at some point. A bachelors degree in Interior Design couldn’t have been earned for no reason.

Let me explain:

God created us. Each and every one of us. 

Dance was one of the first activities I was involved in as a child. I’m sure it was my grandparents idea but I really love The Environment Of The Dance Studio. (My kitchen has become my studio for now!)

Let me put it this way…I was 4 or 5 years old & didn’t realize that childhood aesthetic experience would come back to me so strong, yet HE knew this would happen.

A wide open space, wooden floors, the mirrored wall, choreography & the music!

(I talk about myself in this way because although our lives are very different, we are all meant to live with purpose & passion…The life God intended for us. So any insight I can give to help you find that path in your life is my main objective.)

So, maybe all this time of learning & enlightenment has been preparing me for something greater than I could have created for myself. Obviously.

When I say that I have put my trust in the Lord, I really have & I don’t want to give some testimony explaining how bad & hard its been. 

The positive beauty that I have experienced makes all the negative filler a side-note to the bigger picture.

The next person might have to fight a much harder battle, so instead let me tell you this…He gives strength to the weary & increases the power of the weak. 

So don’t ever forget that.

What I’m trying to say is, as I practice my tap dancing to the Ceeedence Clearwater Revival Station on Pandora, I’m going to start writing about this experience.

Mainly just as a ‘How-To’ with tips on tap dancing.

Who knows, let’s continue to let God lead…That way we never have to question where we are & what we’re doing there. No confusion.

My heart goes out to NYC today & all the families.

Peace & many blessings to all,