“Don’t Practice Til You Get It Right. Practice Til You Can’t Get It Wrong.”

by haikuhouse

Not sure who said that, but I wholeheartedly agree. Any free time I have lately is spent in the kitchen with my iPhone & headphones.[My toe flaps started coming off! Wrapping black electrical tape around the top & bottom worked fine. Make sure you don’t wrap the actual tap though.]

I leave one earpiece out, to make sure my taps are making clear, crisp sounds.

So far, these are my three favorite Pandora stations to jump back & forth between:

The Creedence Clearwater Revival Station

The Fats Waller Station 

The Oldies But Goodies Station

Now, my first peice of advice is the same as with rendering & painting…

You have to just GO for it & don’t worry about messing up!

Don’t think to hard about moving a certain way. Just relax & have fun.

Loose hand for rendering.

Loose feet for dancing.

Also, don’t be afraid of repetition. I think this is really important & the reason why I love the music I tap to.

You want each sound coming from your feet to ring loud & clear. So let it become muscle memory by doing a lot of heel & toe taps. Even though they’re two of the most basic sounds, when you put it to music it still sounds great! So when you go onto different & more advanced steps, your going to sound better.

Did I mention this is great excercise?!

Well, that’s all for today.

J said he likes hearing me tap & I’m so grateful for that. Not once has he looked over in my direction with an “Are you done?” face! He’s the greatest.

“For in Him we live, move & have our being”  Acts 17:29

Peace & blessings to all,