Brown Butter Onions

by haikuhouse

 If you told me as a 10 year old, that I would love onions a little later in life I wouldn’t believe a single word of it.

Alas, J helped me realize how good onions can be; along with fresh tomatoes. Didn’t eat those either…

Yesterday I was faced with eating grits for breakfast, which isn’t a problem or anything but plain grits?

Behold, the onion.

I chop my onion different ways depending on how I’m using it. Finely chopped to mix with taco meat. Roughly chopped for chili. 

Shoestring style, when the onion is the headliner.

Peel off the outer layer & chop off the ends. Set the onion so that the ends are facing east & west. Slice into circles then just cut those in half. 

It doesn’t really matter actually, slice or chop however you want! Now when I say brown butter, I mostly just mean brown the onions in butter…With a little chopped garlic, sea salt & plenty of pepper.

You need about 1 & a half tablespoons of butter in the pan on med-high heat.

Get the onions in there once it’s hot & make sure they get evenly coated. Once they start to get a little browned up, add a tiny piece of the butter & turn the heat up.

Don’t rush this process, but don’t burn it either. Just stir the onions around to make sure they get evenly browned. 

I don’t condone the use of butter in large quantities but for this dish your only using about two tablespoons & it gives the onions a really nice nutty flavor.

These onions went into my grits yesterday morning & the rest went into our spaghetti last night.

Bon appetit.