All The World’s A Stage

by haikuhouse

 [A curious looking structure next to the jobsite that looks like a stage!]

We all have a very interesting week ahead of us & I hope your keeping up with what’s going on in the world.

The Pope will be meeting with President Obama in the White House on the 23rd…A date that has been widely speculated on for years. 

(Not to mention the fourth blood moon…Read these 11 facts.)

Sort of like the whole Mayan Calendar thing, this date of 9/23 has shown up in several movies, tv shows & elsewhere. Google or YouTube it.

Here’s a good article about this & some uncanny numerical “coincidences” regarding the 266th pope. 

 [Coolest house wrap I’ve seen so far. Love the bear!]

This global shift towards a new world order is at hand but I’m here to tell you not to fear.

God is ultimately in control & governs the entire universe. No agenda that these people have will ever be able to stop what the Lord has promised his people. Put your trust in Him for real.Have a wonderful day & realize we have all been created to play an important role in this world. 

I pray you live yours out to the fullest.

Peace & blessings to all,