Shake, Rattle & Roll

by haikuhouse

  [Aunt Angela on the left, with my father & grandmother.]

My Aunt Angela is famous for three things. Cream puffs, her jitterbug & meatballs.

When she came from Jersey to visit her brother & family in Florida she would make huge batches of heavenly cream puffs….It was expected, but we appreciated her labor & would help out as best as we could.

I wish I had her recipe; better yet, I wish she was in my kitchen making them herself!

[Rolled much smaller than your average meatball]

Cream puffs seem so complicated…That’s why I like making meatballs! Our recipe & method couldn’t be more different either.

Hers are big, while mine are small.

She cooks hers all day tomato sauce & mine are made in under an hour.

My meatballs have a crispy caramelized outer layer & hers are super moist inside-out.

Hers are purely Italian & mine are more Italian-American.

The key here is to roll small balls. You can reference the photo above to see they are almost bite-sized.

Into the meat I normally put chopped garlic, pepper & plenty of dried basil.

As for the salt, I use a combination of sea salt & garlic-salt. 

A little goes a long way so just a pinch of each, but go a little heavier on the garlic-salt. 

Get the pan warmed up on low heat with some olive oil & start rollin’…Once your about finished, crank the heat up high.

Quickly, but carefully, put the meatballs in the pan. Don’t let any overlap.

Again, quickly/carefully, lift the pan off the burner & shake so the meatballs move around. You don’t want any sticking to the pan.

So basically at this point, let them sit for a minute then shake the pan again making sure all sides are evenly cooked.

Since your cooking at a high heat, continue to gently shake the pan to roll the meatballs around…Or just use a fork.

I’ve never actually timed this process, I just go by how they look.

You want the outside to get sort of caramelized & crisped up like I mentioned earlier.

Your not going to burn the meatballs IF you keep them moving periodically.

So try it out & let me know how it goes.

Do you prefer small & crispy or melt in your mouth baseball-sized meatballs?

Tough decision, right?
Peace & blessings to you,