A Southern ‘Margaret Holmes’ Soup Recipe

by haikuhouse

  [New greenery for the house; A gift from Trish. It’s a beautiful Malabar Chesnut, more commonly known as a Money Tree.]

We had a long day yesterday at work; Out the door before the sun came out & home after dark. 

After making a quick catastrophe of dinner last night with leftover tacos (burnt the shells in the oven & over heat the meat), I opened a can of Margaret Homles Tomato & Okra

Then I forgot about it & left it on the counter.

So this morning, I picked out a piece of okra to try & it was good! I think I may have tried this vegetable before in a fried version but my memory fails me…

I ended up just eating all the okra & left the tomatoes to use for something else.

While the can was still sitting on the counter I noticed a recipe on it & had to share.

Margaret Holmes World Famous Vegetable Soup

Serves 12, cut recipe in half to serve 6 or less

4 cans Margaret Holmes Tomatoes, Okra & Corn

4 cans Margaret Holmes Succotash

4 cans Margaret Holmes Tomatoes & Okra (yes, more tomato & okra without the corn)

1 pound of ground beef, cooked & drained

2 links of kielbasa sausage, sliced & just add to pot

1 beef bouillon cube

Open cans & put into pot (begin heating). Put in sliced sausage, beef bouillon cube & cooked/drained ground beef.

Heat for one hour, stirring occasionally.

Add salt & pepper for taste.

Make some cornbread while your at it.

Peace & blessings to all,