Classical Revival

by haikuhouse

Dosa Marie, my grandmother, bought this Kimball piano as a gift for my grandfather over 20 years ago. 
The memory is a bit vauge & cloudy, but I do remember talks between the grown-ups & the commotion surrounding the pianos arrival.

It was a big deal for the house on Ocean Boulevard.

My grandmother immediately got someone to start giving me piano lessons & I didn’t take it all that seriously I’m afraid to say.

However I did learn the key concepts of A,B,C,D,E,F,G & all their sharps.

Throughout time, the same couple of numbers would be joyously played by my grandfather & every Christmas song would ring out at The Company Christmas Party.

Eight years ago, around the time my neice Lilly was born, the piano was given to me; To have in my home. 

It was mostly decorative & I hardly ever sat down to it…But all that changed around a certain period of time where it seems like this veil was lifted & I could feel God’s true nature & beauty.

It was when I started college…My mind was expanding with very sophisticated matters in architecture, art & philosophy.

J was introducing me to all sorts of amazing music too. 

[Here is J figuring out how to tune the piano]

So it was just this incredible combination of refinement that God knows, I surely needed.

To Be Continued…..

Peace & blessings to you all,


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