Classical Revival Pt. II

by haikuhouse

The duplex on Bay Street was a place where my entire little world was unfolding. My Grandparents lived below, while Mother & Father lived upstairs.

Mother & Father seperated.

He moved below & the Grandparents must have felt it was time for change anyhow.

This brings us to the (mildly) contemporary dwelling on Ocean Boulevard, amongst the historic Old Atlantic Beach Cottages & maybe 50 steps to the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. [‘Interior & Exterior‘: My Republican Grandmother’s beach house vaguely resembles an Elephant, right?]

It’s pretty clear to me now as I replay this historical timeline only I can recall…

It’s the music. It’s always been about the music.
There was a nice little Italian place we would have dinner at all the time. They had a guy who played the piano & I quickly became a bench side spectator, watching his every move.

Another thing that presents itself as a priceless moment in history was the audio encyclopedia for the computer.

Grandfather was Air Force Secret Service, creating & ciphering code, among other things… He made sure he had the best technology at his fingertips.

It had every instrument known to man & would play a little tune for each one. Oh how I would sit there & just play them all. Then play them all again & again.

The instrument that sticks out to me wasn’t the piano, but the mandolin. I remember it had a tune that I loved…If I recall correctly, it was in the Classical/Baroque style.

(Come back tomorrow for Part III as we wrap up this short, true-life story titled ‘Classical  Revival’.)

‘Classical Revival’ Part I

Peace & blessings to all,


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