Classical Revival Pt. III

by haikuhouse

 At the age of 5, I believed I was an Opera singer. At least that’s what I am told. I don’t recall this, but it was a humorous experience for Victoria, my Mother; a beautiful Italian woman.

Marie (more affectionately known as Grandmother), would always take us to the theater for plays & musicals. One year she even took her grandchildren to New York City to watch ‘Annie’ on Broadway.

(‘Annie’ was also seen here in Jacksonville at The Alhambra & Florida Theater)

My personal favorite (coincidentally) was ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ & it wasn’t so much the play itself…I just wanted to listen to the soundtrack. I loved it!

So, as we bring this three-part true story to a close, you now have a glimpse into my early musical past & I have relayed all this information to you in order to explain a beautiful dream I had about my Grandfather shortly after he passed.

The dream took place in the kitchen of my townhouse….

My grandfather was sitting on a stool at the bar top & it was evident that I had put my Interior Design degree to work. The dingy grey, solid surface countertops were replaced with a beautiful natural stone, like granite.

There were certain people standing around, like family & close friends, as if observing him. There was not much conversation.

The lighting was very warm all around but there was also this ray of golden light filtering down on him.

He was singing a song & he looked much younger.

I remember walking over towards him & noticed the word ‘freedom’ was written on the barstool to his right. (Freedom? Hmmm…)

It was a wonderful dream & it’s the way the light shone down on him that I remember more than anything…

The only reason I share this dream is because it’s seems ever more significant NOW

My kitchen sink overlooks the living area & back patio with a beautiful water view…I don’t actually have a bar top with bar stools.

However, it dawned on me the other day that the Kimball piano is where my Grandfather was sitting & singing in my dream. (At the time of this dream, the piano was in another location.)  [J is teaching me how to use Ableton for recording in our home studio.]

So, I’m no expert & I don’t put much analysis on dreams…but how beautiful is that? It gives me hope that I am certainly in the right place & time to start making something that will be rewarding not just for me, but for all.

It inspires me to create something that people will hear & be moved. 

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” -Martin Luther

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Peace & blessings to all,


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