Bertolli’s Italian Style Torta

by haikuhouse

 When I first laid eyes on Bertolli’s newest creation, it was love at first sight…There is something strikingly romantic about Italian cuisine & the Torta tops them all.

That’s my opinion only, but just trust me.

A ‘Torta’ is similar to a Chicken Pot Pie in form, but it’s taste & appeal is by far more sophisticated.

Pot Pies are comforting for children.

A Torta is romantic & should be shared between two people.

Again, my opinion…(But also true.)

 [This photo doesn’t do justice for the torta.]

I say it should be shared because even though it’s not real big, it’s really filling.

Inside that flaky golden crust is a delicious union of marinara, ricotta & italian sausage.

Okay? So perfect idea for a light romantic dinner before the museum or after a baseball game. 

Or after the museum & before the baseball game…Just share one with your significant other.

One Bertolli & two forks,


P.S. This is my opinion only & not a promotion for Bertolli. I was really excited when I saw this in the freezer aisle & wanted to review it myself. Their stuff never lets me down!