Virtue & Aesthetics

by haikuhouse

 When I first started ‘Haiku House’, I was pretty set on trying to generate an income with it. I’m still trying to understand that whole side of blogging & if you’re a tech-savvy lady, I could sure use some help!

If you read all the articles about starting a blog though, the main point most will stress right away is finding your niche& sticking to it. Well I’ve never really been one to follow the rules, at least when it comes to doing something for creative purposes.

So, I may jump around on topics a bit but I believe for the most part my message & “niche” is pretty clear…Aesthetic living; Simplicity at its finest

 [The ferns after being pressed for a few months under plywood. Just need to make frames for them now!]

I have also been pretty out spoken about my faith & God.

So, you could definetly conclude that ‘Haiku House’ is a Virtuous Lifestyle blog. Let me make it really clear though…I’m not perfect & I have my flaws, we all do.

What sets us apart though, is that we strive daily to be like Christ. Not every once in awhile when circumstances & situations are ideal….Daily. 

Proverbs 31 is a pretty well known chapter in the Bible about being a virtuous woman. It’s actually incedibly beautiful reading & you can read it for yourself here.

Peace & blessings to all,


[Please, all photography on Haiku House is mine…Do not use these images without permission. Grab a camera & take your own beautiful photos…Capiche?]