The Bee’s Knees: My Favorite Leg Exercises

by haikuhouse

These three moves are excellent & require nothing but a floor to lie down on. Do them at any time & in the order shown. You will notice how they all work together. 

These are old school moves that will  help your legs get long & lean!Start with Open & Close by simply extending both legs up with feet slightly pointed. Let your legs open into a V shape as far as you can comfortable go, then bring them back together. This is also a really nice stretch.

Be in control of every movement & keep your back flat to the floor with your abdominal muscles engaged. Next move is what I like to call the Ballerina Criss-Cross. Start in the Legs Straight Up position & cross the left foot heel over the right foot ankle. Repeat on the other side & that will complete 1 rep. Do 40 of these, too.

When doing this move, make sure each move is controlled & keep the movement small. In other words, when you go to cross to the other foot, don’t extend your legs that wide, keep them pretty close together to work the inner leg muscles.

I call this last move The Bee’s Knees because it focuses on that area right above the knee. It’s as easy as the first two leg exercises.

With legs extended straight up & muscles engaged, bend the left leg down. As you extend the left leg back up, bend the right leg down. This is 1 rep….39 to go.

After you go through each move, repeat this set 2 or 3 more times.

I suggest if you begin with 40 reps, do the second set with 30 reps & the last set with 20 reps.

Also, on the last set after The Bee’s Knees, do 20 Open & Close slowly for a final stretch.

Hope you try it out!

Peace & Blessings to all,


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