Candied Meyer Lemon Peel

by haikuhouse

 This was my first attempt at making candied lemon peel & I’m pretty excited about the whole idea of it. Since it’s relatively easy & inexpensive, this just might be the perfect homemade Christmas gift this year. After checking out a few different recipes online, I decided to go with the one from Food&Style

Candied citrus peel has been around since the 14th century. It was the Arabs who concocted this sticky sweet confection & it eventually flourished all over Europe. 

 [This is after the very first 5 minute boil, which you do 3 times, before low boiling the peels with sugar, water & lemon. Get the recipe here.]

In Italy, candied fruit & citrus peels are speckled inside the wonderfully scented holiday sweet bread, Panettone. A favorite of mine!  

 [After the third 5 minute boil in plain water. This removes any bitterness from the peels.]

Despite the green color, these are Meyer Lemons & they were given to me by J’s mother right off her tree.

They were so plump & sweet, I decided to give it a shot anyways even if they were still green. 

 [During the final boil in the lemon sugar syrup.]

I’m really looking forward to repeating this whole process with oranges & grapefruit…J’s family grew up surrounded by the Old Florida citrus groves in Ocala. I hear stories about it all the time & I wish I had a grove of my own.

The bees busily making Orange Blossom honey…Oh how I love Florida. 

 Incredibly easy & a satisfying treat. I really hope you try it. 

This was my first time even trying candied citrus peel all by itself, other than the little bits in the Panettone.

So what’s your favorite type of citrus to use?

Peace & blessings,


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