“Trust & Obey; There’s No Other Way”

by haikuhouse

That’s one of my favorite quotes as far as being disciplined spiritually. Same with “Cleanliness is godliness”….It’s not actually in the Bible but it’s really excellent advice & a good mentality to have regardless.

[Rosie in her favorite environment]

My homemaking skills are about to start shining & I’m really excited about that. It’s what I’ve been waiting for…Patiently waiting on the Lord & putting my trust in Him; rather than try to make things happen on my own.

I’m beginning to really learn how to clean & not just get organized, but keep things in order as well. It’s true that creative people aren’t always, let’s say…the tidiest. 

So, I started cleaning houses this week & I’ll be working closely with a very special lady that I’ve known for most of my life! 

Regardless that my degree is in Interior Design, my cleaning skills are terrible & I think a lot of women can actually relate. Especially today.

Can’t wait to share all the cleaning tricks/tips I’m learning & applying to my own home. I have one that I will share very soon if you want your toilet bowl sparkly clean & white as snow.

Peace & blessings to all,