Haiku Who?

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Hello & Welcome to Haiku House!

My purpose here is to create a beautiful and meaningful life that exhibits simplicity. I am an artist with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art in Interior Design. You could say that I am opening my door to you because I care about the creative growth of others. Our level of creativity transforms the way we view the world around us…and it’s not just for the born artist; creativity is available to all. 

Haiku House is ultimately a space where I can form my ever-evolving philosophy on the environment we create for ourselves physically, mentally & spiritually. Simplicity is a beautiful idea in all areas of our life and I just can’t stress that enough. 

I view the world through eyes that see nature created by God, the ultimate artist. I strive to be a strong, virtuous & Godly woman while staying a child at heart. So I definitely want to encourage other women to live victoriously in a fallen world. We can rejoice because even with all the darkness, God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

There is still so much splendor in the world and I believe it is our mission as women to bring that beauty to the forefront!! 

 So, whether you’re stopping by for some inspiration (or motivation), curious about how I stay healthy, or want to learn some tips on painting & rendering….All are welcome here!