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“Trust & Obey; There’s No Other Way”

That’s one of my favorite quotes as far as being disciplined spiritually. Same with “Cleanliness is godliness”….It’s not actually in the Bible but it’s really excellent advice & a good mentality to have regardless.

[Rosie in her favorite environment]

My homemaking skills are about to start shining & I’m really excited about that. It’s what I’ve been waiting for…Patiently waiting on the Lord & putting my trust in Him; rather than try to make things happen on my own.

I’m beginning to really learn how to clean & not just get organized, but keep things in order as well. It’s true that creative people aren’t always, let’s say…the tidiest. 

So, I started cleaning houses this week & I’ll be working closely with a very special lady that I’ve known for most of my life! 

Regardless that my degree is in Interior Design, my cleaning skills are terrible & I think a lot of women can actually relate. Especially today.

Can’t wait to share all the cleaning tricks/tips I’m learning & applying to my own home. I have one that I will share very soon if you want your toilet bowl sparkly clean & white as snow.

Peace & blessings to all,



Dark Chocolate & Coconut Macaroon

 [Some New Favorites:Kale Tortilla Chips & Chocolate Macaroon Granola Bars]

Macaroon’ & ‘macaron’ are two different things. Macarons are the pretty little French meringue cookies that have a sweet filling & come in a variety of pretty little colors. I still haven’t tried them!

These granola bars by Nature’s Path Organic are referring to macaroons, with two O’s. They are the drop cookies made with coconut & they look like little coconut mounds. 

Texture & taste are excellent. Priced better than the KIND granola bars too, so thought I would share that with you today. Great breakfast on the go with some ice cold espresso.

Peace & blessings,


Purification & Order

 [The Beginning Of A New Routine: I’ve been using Young Living’s Purification Oil & I can’t wait to buy a diffuser for our home!]

Change, like a refreshing breeze is moving through. 

All I can really say for right now; Everything is up in the air still & I’m waiting for things to settle into place.

Really looking forward to what the future holds for us all.

“The task of the art today is to bring chaos into order.” Theordor Adorno

Peace & blessings,


Have A Beautiful Weekend

 [This frame from Hobby Lobby goes perfectly with my shell rendering.]

Art Walk was great the other evening; A girl bought one of my framed pressed flower designs for her mother. So sweet to know it’s in someone’s home now.

Peace & blessings to all,


Candied Meyer Lemon Peel

 This was my first attempt at making candied lemon peel & I’m pretty excited about the whole idea of it. Since it’s relatively easy & inexpensive, this just might be the perfect homemade Christmas gift this year. After checking out a few different recipes online, I decided to go with the one from Food&Style

Candied citrus peel has been around since the 14th century. It was the Arabs who concocted this sticky sweet confection & it eventually flourished all over Europe. 

 [This is after the very first 5 minute boil, which you do 3 times, before low boiling the peels with sugar, water & lemon. Get the recipe here.]

In Italy, candied fruit & citrus peels are speckled inside the wonderfully scented holiday sweet bread, Panettone. A favorite of mine!  

 [After the third 5 minute boil in plain water. This removes any bitterness from the peels.]

Despite the green color, these are Meyer Lemons & they were given to me by J’s mother right off her tree.

They were so plump & sweet, I decided to give it a shot anyways even if they were still green. 

 [During the final boil in the lemon sugar syrup.]

I’m really looking forward to repeating this whole process with oranges & grapefruit…J’s family grew up surrounded by the Old Florida citrus groves in Ocala. I hear stories about it all the time & I wish I had a grove of my own.

The bees busily making Orange Blossom honey…Oh how I love Florida. 

 Incredibly easy & a satisfying treat. I really hope you try it. 

This was my first time even trying candied citrus peel all by itself, other than the little bits in the Panettone.

So what’s your favorite type of citrus to use?

Peace & blessings,


[Please, all photography on Haiku House is mine…Do not use these images without permission. Grab a camera & take your own beautiful photos…Capiche?]

The Bee’s Knees: My Favorite Leg Exercises

These three moves are excellent & require nothing but a floor to lie down on. Do them at any time & in the order shown. You will notice how they all work together. 

These are old school moves that will  help your legs get long & lean!Start with Open & Close by simply extending both legs up with feet slightly pointed. Let your legs open into a V shape as far as you can comfortable go, then bring them back together. This is also a really nice stretch.

Be in control of every movement & keep your back flat to the floor with your abdominal muscles engaged. Next move is what I like to call the Ballerina Criss-Cross. Start in the Legs Straight Up position & cross the left foot heel over the right foot ankle. Repeat on the other side & that will complete 1 rep. Do 40 of these, too.

When doing this move, make sure each move is controlled & keep the movement small. In other words, when you go to cross to the other foot, don’t extend your legs that wide, keep them pretty close together to work the inner leg muscles.

I call this last move The Bee’s Knees because it focuses on that area right above the knee. It’s as easy as the first two leg exercises.

With legs extended straight up & muscles engaged, bend the left leg down. As you extend the left leg back up, bend the right leg down. This is 1 rep….39 to go.

After you go through each move, repeat this set 2 or 3 more times.

I suggest if you begin with 40 reps, do the second set with 30 reps & the last set with 20 reps.

Also, on the last set after The Bee’s Knees, do 20 Open & Close slowly for a final stretch.

Hope you try it out!

Peace & Blessings to all,


[Please, all photography on Haiku House is mine…Do not use these images without permission. Grab a camera & take your own beautiful photos…Capiche?

Joy In The Midst Of Trials

 “Count it all joy, my friends, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect & complete, lacking in nothing.”

This evening I will be at the Jax Beach Art Walk selling a few of my framed seashell renderings & botanical pieces. Also, I’m working on a really cute illustration for some of my three favorite leg exercises & hope to have it posted here on ‘Haiku House’ this week. I think you’ll really like it!

I hope you found peace in the scripture from James 1:2-4; it’s the verse of the day on my Daily Verse App. 

It seems like everyone I know, including myself, is facing some sort of trial in life right now.

Pray…Talk to God & don’t wait a second longer to do so.

Steadfastness, my friends.